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Wattless® provides a suite of precision tools for managing and control industrial power usage. This technology enable you to visualize exactly when equipment power cycles are active or inactive, alerting you to potential malfunctions, improper HVAC settings, out-of-balance loads and other issues that might need high maintenance costs.

Wattless® enables to monitor, control, establish rules and send reports as a low-cost or no-cost operation and maintenance, as improvement measures in real-time. 

Wattless® provides:

  •     Data access in iDomLive web site, anywhere, on your PC or smartphone
  •     Real-time monitoring of energy, gas and water use
  •     Control On and Off of devices and circuits.
  •     Customizable performance alerts, including notifications of peak or lack demand periods
  •     Create Rules based on events and rules based in time
  •     Establish actions and interaction with devices
  •     View real-time data against user defined benchmarks such as budget, baseline…etc
  •     Energy usage data, peak and average demand, in real-time, daily, monthly, and 365 days.
  •     Data analytics with export capability
  •     Save up to 45% of energy consumption
  •     Help saving the environment by reducing CO2 emissions

The iDomLive web interface allows customers and employees to see the successful results of sustainability efforts, in individual building or in industrial campus.