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Real-time Energy Monitoring

Wattless® lets you know the instant and accumulated consumption, local temperature, humidity, air quality and more. The effective costs and produced Carbon from electricity consumption. Even lets you know what consumption in each selected device.

Now you already know where to reduce energy!

Wattless® Monitoring provides:

  • Data access in iDomLive web site, anywhere, on your PC or smartphone- Real-time monitoring of energy, gas and water use
  • View real-time data against user defined benchmarks such as budget, baseline…etc
  • Data analytics with export capability 
  • Save up to 40% of energy consumption 
  • Help saving the environment by reducing CO2 emissions
  • Customizable performance alerts, including notifications of peak or lack demand periods


  • Energy usage data, peak and average demand, in real-time, daily, monthly, and 365 days. 
  • Analize the consumption trend


  • Show Dry-Bulb temperature information.  Giving the instant humidity and temperature, and create analysis, reports, send alerts based in created rules.  

Air Quality

  • Measure real-time air quality, VOC´s and CO2. 


  • Energy costs in instant consumption and accumulated in 30 days.

Carbon Footprint

  • Measure real-time and accumulated CO2 emissions in Kg.