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Create your Energy Rules

Establish Rules based in Time or rules based in Events. You can save money by reduting energy consumption, controlling circuits and devices even create rules for device interaction.

The created rules allows the system to monitor itself and to take immediate improvement measures.

TIME based rules:

  • you can decide if there´s no air conditioning and light consumption in your office after 8 p.m. until 8 a.m.
  • The creation of rules allows the system to go beyond energy efficiency and use it for safety and issue alerts.
  • In the case of an elderly person living alone at home, you can pre-set there all day consumption for lighting in the kitchen or bathroom. If this does not happen in a given time, it issued a warning to the family, because something did not go normally.

EVENT based rule:

  • In case of a freezer malfunction is detected the change in consumption and an alert is sent to e-mail or telephone in order to communicate what happened, and can prevent the loss of stored products.
  • If you wish to connect or disconnect a device at a particular time, Wattless® can use this function.
  • In case of an electrical installation is completely defined based on the installed power needs , we know what is the normal consumption, and if changes are detected we can know if this is a consumer damage and trigger the repair service
  • If consumption is lower than the pre-defined, we may find problems with lamps.
  • If consumption is greater than the pre-defined, we may find fault with the ballasts or starters.